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Low power, high brightness White PLCC-2 LEDs to serve Your Lighting needs!

This LED family of white LEDs has been developed for Lighting applications such as Light Strips, Panel Lighting, Down Lights, Shop Lighting, Backlighting and any kind of wide-surface Lighting applications.

The tight ANSI color bins are ideal to support uniform white appearance in lighting applications.

Key features:

  • Cool, Neutral and Warm White available in ANSI bins for uniform CCT (ranging from 2700K to 8000K)
  • Luminous Efficiency 100 lm/W at 20mA
  • Luminous Intensity 2.5cd at 20mA
  • Forward Voltage 2.8V - 3.6V
  • Silicone encapsulation for long life performance (minimum 50000 hours lifetime with >70% light output maintenance).

Why choose us?

Design Advantages of Low- and Mid-Power LEDs.

  • Better light distribution – no hot spots
  • Better heat distribution – even standard FRC PCB could be used
  • Major flexibility in the circuit board design
  • High efficacy – new generation low and mid-power LEDs can achieve 100m/W or even better luminous efficacy
  • Colour uniformity – sub bin and ANSI bin approach available also for the low-power LEDs
  • Long lifetime – new generation low-power LEDs can reach the min. 50,000 hours >70% light output maintenance









    Target Applications for Low- and Mid-Power LEDs

    Ultra-bright White PLCC-2 LEDs ASMT-UWB1-NX3x2.

    Cool-, Neutral- and Warm-White color meet ANSI color bins (2700K – 8000K CCT).