New Farnell Toolbar


Product & Community Search

Simply switch between Farnell and element14 to search our online catalogue or browse our dedicated community for electronic design engineers.

What’s New!

See the very latest Products and new Technologies first, constantly refreshed. Plus access new technology application notes, training and resources in our dedicated Technology First site.

Quick Links

Instant access to the most popular areas of the Farnell website, including direct links to Order History, Shopping Basket, Special Offers and the latest promotions.


Direct access to key areas of the element14 community including groups, industry experts and your own personal page.

Quick Buy

Save time by using our integrated Quick Buy and Quick Paste functionality. Add individual products or just copy and paste your full list of part numbers directly into your Shopping Basket.

Easy Product Search

Simply select a keyword or Manufacturer Part Number, right click from your mouse and you can now search the term directly on the Farnell website.

Screenshots (IE only)

Select an area or position of the page you want to capture and the toolbar does the rest. You can then copy or save the image directly to your local machine.

System Requirements: IE6+, Firefox 3.0+,
Installation requires local administrator rights